We MUST Wake Up for Our Children and Grandchildren

I didn't care what our political leaders did until recently. I've now seen things that threaten our American way of life and our freedoms. If We The People do not do something about it and WAKE UP, our children and grandchildren will accept this as perfectly normal.

"I've Seen Things You People Would Not Believe..."

That comes from an old movie called Blade Runner (the original).

Anyone who was in the pandemic, I mean panicdemic or possibly plandemic can now say the same thing. Within two years we saw

  • Drug companies basically take over the government

  • Government pressure to take a drug NOT fully approved by the FDA

  • The FDA fully approving a drug within months instead of years

  • Our First Amendment rights completely ignored

  • Our freedom of medical choice stripped from us

  • Censorship of social media posts from government pressure to control "misinformation" that I'd only heard of coming from communist countries.

  • Even our ability to escape this tyranny was controlled by forcing us to take a drug or a test and show papers for travelling. Which brought to mind the old WWll movies with the Gestapo asking to see travel papers.

  • We saw an almost completely successful government social media campaign to put pressure on us free thinkers who did our own research to submit and take this drug.

  • We were victims of the private sector forcing us to test each week or take a drug.

Is This Enough? Because I Can List More

And I'm sure you can too!

You May Think to Yourself But This is Almost Over

Just the drug part is over. Now the government can redirect our attention with a war. Let's not forget, it's the year all the politicians reapply for their jobs by asking us to vote for them. Why would the politicians continue with this unconstitutional control of We The People if they want to keep their jobs?!

We May Have a Food Shortage Coming Up

What better way to control the sheeple by having them stand in line for food so families can eat and survive.

It's Time for Us to Wake Up

I've always said, "If a business paid as much attention to their staff as we do our political leaders, whom we hire with our vote and whose salaries we pay with our taxes, that business would shut down. We The People are now at that point where we must act.

Hoping Someone Else Will Do This is The Same Thing as Hoping Someone Else Will Care for Your Family

Strong words I know, but as a father myself I will be the one taking care of my family NOT the government rules and regulations possibly tainted with bribes from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Okay So What Do I Do?

Personally, I'm voting out every politician I can out of his/her comfy office. Who will I vote for? This will sound weird, but any name I do not recognise and if that new employee (politician) doesn't do a good enough job, I'll fire that person with my vote the next time! Our political leaders are getting too comfortable!

At The Very Least...

Contact your political leaders (employees) and tell them what you want. They can easily be found on the internet (unlike the side effects of the covid vaccine). We did this once in 2008 after a recession. Political leaders who'd been in office for years were voted out. President Obama himself got on television and said, "We heard you and we're trying to do better."

And Now It's Time for Us to Be Heard Again!

What I will personally ask for is the following

The right to sue pharmaceutical companies returned to the victims.

All they seem to care about is money in my opinion. The only way to keep a company interested only in profits is to threaten to take those profits away in class action lawsuits.

A limit of four years on Senate seats

Some of these Senators probably have more power and influence than The President. I can't imagine them shooting themselves in the foot like that, but with enough pressure from We The People, it could happen.

A regulation that states a representative must reply to his/her constituents (us)

NOT just during an election year. These people work for us. It should be easier to reach them.

Just My Thoughts

As a United States citizen, you have the right to ask for whatever you like or, as many of us have done in the past, do nothing at all and complain to each other.

As for me... It's time for a fresh start. It's time to wake up!

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